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What is SJPU?
SJPU or the Special Juvenile Police Unit is a unit of the police at the district level for handling matters concerning juveniles and also children in need of care and protection.
The SJPUs are headed by the SP/DCP with Dy.SP/ACP as Nodal Officer and consists of:
• A Designated Inspector Rank Police Officer
• Two Social Workers, of whom at least one should be a woman
• The designated Juvenile Welfare Officers of the District
• NGOs invited and recognized by the police for providing assistance in cases involving children

Note: Where social workers are not provided by the concerned State Department, the Police can seek support of local NGOs working in this area.

What is an Observation Home? The JJ Act empowers the State Government to establish and maintain observation homes in every district. These homes are used for the temporary reception of juveniles against whom inquiries are pending under the JJ Act.
A juvenile who has been sent to an observation home must initially be kept in a reception unit of such home. Once the inquiry has been made as to his/her age, his/her physical and mental status, and the nature of the offence committed, the juvenile can then be admitted into the observation home.


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