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Standing Orders:

  1. High Court of Delhi Order, Dated : 17.05.12
  2. High Court of Delhi Order, Dated : 18.05.12
  3. High Court of Delhi Order, Dated : 25.05.12
  4. S.O. No. 252
  5. Latest S.O. No. 68
  6. Standard operating procedure for dealing with cases of missing/ found children


  1. No. 44/C&T/AC-II,2003
    :- Handling of Street Children in Delhi, especially young girls on the staff
  2. No 73/2003/AC-V
    :- Regarding Rescue operations of the girls/women confined/trafficked to prostitution
  3. No. 29/2007/C&T
    :-investigation of all such cases should be completed within the period of 3 months from the date of filing of the complaint or lodging of First Information Report and if the Investigation is not completed within this time, the case against the child must be treated as closed.
  4. No. 714-813/AC-IV/C&T/PHQ
    :-Rescue Operation for recovery of illegaly employed children
  5. No. 8889/11
    :- Proper Enquiry by Police at the time of arresting/ apprehending the person/Juvenile

  6. Circular issued vide No. 61221-320/C&T/AC-V/PHQ,
    :- Dated 3/9/2007 Regarding Guidelines laid down by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in case of a child subjected to sexual abuse

  7. Circular issued vide No. 2589-2944/ Record Branch/ PHQ
    :- Dated 09/04/2013 Disposal of kidnapping cases.

  8. Ref. No. DSLSA/Admn./MSO/2013/
    :- Dated 07/2013 Circular Regarding Missing Children


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